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Biography (English)

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Welcomely on the first Homepage to the musician and composer Paul Hardcastle
The man with the Viet Nam song '19' 1985 + 1995 + 2010 + 2011 + 2013

Pete Lyons, Seattle, Washington (©Banners)

Created and launched in summer 1999 - 2002

Pete Lyons, Seattle, Washington (©Banner)

Paul's erste Homepage bis 2002, ist hier Ende Oktober 2008 exklusiv reaktiviert wurden!


An Evolutionary Musical Pioneer

Paul Hardcastle 2008 - © Paul Hardcastle sen. Paul Hardcastle's unique style of music is in a constant state of evolution, dating back to its origins of techno-dance tracks in 1985. A self-taught master of his craft, Paul has quietly gained an international reputation for his music's clean, soulful, and harmonic perfectionism.

To hear the music of Paul Hardcastle is like taking an exciting journey into a mysterious land of warm, colorful sights and sounds; completely transporting you through a wide spectrum of audible levels of emotion. While the Hardcastle experience may simply be a state of mind, it is nevertheless very real to his strongly devoted audience.

The music genre that Paul Hardcastle has pioneered is known as New Adult Contemporary (NAC). Paul's unique place in this genre is that of a very creative and highly addictive mix of jazz and dance music. There's something for everyone on any given Hardcastle or Jazzmasters album: love songs, songs that soothe, songs that jam, songs for the audiophile, catchy songs, daytime and nighttime songs, songs that tell an interesting story, and songs that inspire. For the sake of clarification, it should be noted that Paul Hardcastle is the Jazzmasters.

Over the years, the music of Paul Hardcastle, including his Jazzmasters releases, has become so well-defined in fact, that it is easily distinguished from other people's music. This is because of the many fine attributes of musicianship and the unmistakable sense of style that goes into each and every song. All of these things, including the vocals, the tasteful album cover designs, and the Web site you are visiting right now, combine together to make The Hardcastle Experience...

©1999-2002 Hardcastle Records :: All Rights Reserved.

Top-performing Singles

- 'King Tut' (1984) 400,000 copies, #10 Billboard
- 'Rainforest' (1984) 600,000 copies, #1 Billboard
- '19' (1985) 4,000,000 copies, #1 Billboard (13 Nations of the World)

Top-Chart Singles (Pieks Position)

- 'You're The One For Me - Daybreak - A.M.' * (1984) (UK #41)
- 'Guilty' * (1984) UK #55
- 'Rainforest' * (1984) UK #41
- 'Eat Your Heart Out' * (1984) UK #59
- '19' * (1985) UK #1 (5 Weeks) / CDN #2; ÖS #1 (2 W) / CH #1 (7 W) / GER #1 (6 W) / USA #15 / IRL #1 (2 W) / NL #1 (3 W) / BEL #1 (4 W) / FRA #15 / NOR #1 (7 W) / Sweden #1 (2 W) / Australia #10 / New Zealand #1 (5 W)
- 'Rainforest (re-issue)' * (1985) US #57 / UK #53
- 'Just For Money' * (1985) UK #19
- 'Don't Waste My Time' * (1986) UK #8
- 'Foolin' Yourself' * (1986) UK #51
- 'The Wizard' * (1986) UK #15
- 'Walk In The Night' * (1988) UK #54
- '40 Years' * (1988) UK #53

* Billboard's Sales Chart

Paul's No. 1 Single-Hits

Billboard's Sales Chart* & Billboard's Contemporary Jazz Chart / NAC radio charts (USA)**
(Year, Album/CD, Time)

- 'Rainforest' (12" , 1984/85, Maxi-Single), 0:00
- '19'* (Mai 1985, Paul Hardcastle), 3:39
- 'Blue days'** (1991, The Jazzmasters I), 6:01
- 'Don't be shy' (1994, Hardcastle 1), 5:52
- 'Walkin' to freedom'** (1995, The Jazzmasters II, 15 Wochen nacheinander/straight Weeks), 4:48
- 'Jokers wild'** (1996, Hardcastle 2), 4:01
- 'Paradise cove'** (1997, Cover to cover), 5:09
- 'Puerto banus'** (2003, The Jazzmasters 4), 3:44
- 'Serene'** (2005, Hardcastle 4), 3:27
- 'Free as the wind'** (2006, The Jazzmasters 5), 3:44
- 'Lucky star'** (2008, Hardcastle 5), 3:48

©2009 paulhardcastle.de :: All Rights Reserved.

Mr. Paul Hardcastle - A Biography



Pete Lyons, Seattle, Washington (©Banners) The story of Paul Hardcastle is rich with retrospective. While working in fashionable Chelsea as a hi-fi salesman, he decided to swap his beloved video camera for a friend's small synthesizer. After tinkering around for 3 months, he managed to convince a band, which had advertised for a keyboard player, that he was their man.


The Hardcastle Family 2007 ©Paul Hardcastle sen. Paul was born on Dec., 10 1957 in Kensington, London, UK. He is the son of  Joyce (*1930 - †1991) und Louis Hardcastle (*1915 - †2000). Paul has a sister, Susan (*1959).

Since 1985 Paul has been married to his wife Dolores (*1966). Both have three children - Maxine (*1986), Paul Jr. (*1990) and Richard (*1997).


1979: "I had always wanted to be a motor bike racer, until I did this, 3 compound fractures , 3 and a half months in Hospital.... and I thought this hurts !!! I need another job Ha-ha, so I swapped my Video camera for a Synthesiser and it all began... All true but I'm real grateful to the Surgeon who sorted it all out for me,,, Thanks Dr Jeremiah" (Paul, 2012-12.04.)


He first emerged in 1981, when he appeared on "Don't Depend On Me", a single by British soul hopefuls Direct Drive, which is more noted for its b-side, "Time Machine". With vocalist Derek Green, Paul appeared on another Direct Drive single in March 1982, "Time's Running Out"/"I'm The One". The domestic soul cognoscenti gave this pair of releases a knowing nod, but Hardcastle and Green already knew enough to branch away and form their own group.


Teaming up with fellow Londoner, Green, they formed First Light and quickly gained the attention of Oval Records. In an era when British dance music was coming out from under the jazz-funk umbrella, and trying some new grooves, Charlie Gillett of Oval heard the uninhibited and upbeat approach and released their first single. It was a surprising update of America's early 1970's anthem "A Horse With No Name," in June 1982. In November of that year came the "Sixteen Minutes Of First Light" 12-inch single.

The 12-inch single became a substantial club success, but Paul's first scent of pop chart action came in May 1983 when the single "Explain The Reasons" reached #65 nationally. This was followed by "Wish You Were Here" which reached #71 in early 1984.


Paul now decided that it was time to take control of his destiny and formed his own label Total Control Records. He released a medley of "Daybreak" and "A.M.", with a version of James 'D-Train' Williams' seminal dance workout "You're The One For Me". Running his own label bought Paul to street level, literally. "The first 3,000 copies of "You're The One For Me" I took around in my car, saying 'have a listen to this'." Narrowly thwarted by BBC Radio One's refusal to have anything to do with such new-fangled dance music, the single unluckily peaked at #41, but hit the #1 spot on the dance charts.


Hardcastle's name was now a byword for quality among students of British soul. He released the hypnotic instrumental "Rainforest" for the Bluebird label and despite hitting the #1 spot yet again on the nation's dance floor charts, but Paul's wretched luck saw the single stop at the "graveyard" position of #41 again. Nevertheless, the hard part was almost over.

As the year ended, Paul released his first material for Chrysalis Records' emerging Cooltempo label. "Eat Your Heart Out", with vocals by fellow traveler Kevin Henry leveled out at #59, but across the Atlantic something was stirring. Profile Records, who worked the record to urban radio, had snapped up "Rainforest". "Rainforest" reached #1 on the 12" sales chart in the USA by knocking Madonna's "Like A Virgin" from the top spot as well as place half way up the Billboard Hot 100. A further Top 40 R&B single with "King Tut" followed and this was just the beginning of a breathtaking year.


Paul's next release was on Chrysalis and he decided to try a different approach. Staying true to the dance floor genre that had got him this far, he perfected a dramatic, arresting semi-instrumental composition based on something he'd heard about the average age of combat soldiers in the Vietnam War. The production values of the resulting track have given "19" a place in from Video '19' (1985)the all-time dance music winners enclosure.

By the time the single became commercially available at the end of April 1985, the buzz about "19" was deafening. The song crash-landed on the British chart at #4. The next week saw "19" at the #1 spot, where it stayed for a solid five weeks. In Holland it stayed put at the #1 spot nationally for 16 weeks solid, proving not only Paul's staying power, but also his international appeal.


Banners by Michael Stolle (www.paul-hardcastle.de) "It sold 4 million copies around the world," Paul recalls. "I remember it sold 65,000 copies here in the UK on the day it went to number one. Banners by Michael Stolle (www.paul-hardcastle.de) It was great, because it went to #1 in 13 different countries and it's one of the records I still hear on the radio and I feel proud. I feel proud because I received the IVOR NOVELLO award for the best selling single of 1985."

After "19" had completed a 16-week tenure on the bestsellers, Hardcastle released a self-titled album for Chrysalis in November 1985. He went down another avenue of experimentation with the follow-up single "Just For Money", which ironically entered the UK Chart at #19. The actors Sir Laurence Olivier and Bob Hoskins both appeared on the track about the St. Valentines Day Massacre and the Great Train Robbery.

His last single, "Nineteen", released a few weeks before his death, was produced by Paul Hardcastle. It bore no relation to the producer's chart-topping single of the same title some months earlier.

©1999-2002 Hardcastle Records / ©2008-2010 Hardcastle Music :: All Rights Reserved.

'19' in 13 Ländern #1 / '19' in 13 countries #1

- Deutschland / Germany
- Österreich / Austria
- Belgien / Belgium
- Frankreich / France
- Großbritannien / United Kingdom
- Neuseeland / New Zealand
- Griechenland / Greece
- Italien / Italia
- Finnland / Finland
- Schweiz / Switzerland
- Norwegen / Norway
- Dänemark / Denmark
- Schweden / Sweden

©2009 paulhardcastle.de All Rights Reserved.


In March 1986, and again changing direction, Paul recorded "Don't Waste My Time" featuring Carol Kenyon. It went to #8 and it was the first time Paul had used a female vocalist. It worked well.


Maxine Hardcastle ©2008 Maxine Hardcastle privat

End of April 1986, Maxine Hardcastle born. The first child of Dolores and Paul Hardcastle.

Another Top 20 success was to become part of the lives of millions of British TV viewers. Late in 1986, he released "The Wizard", granted immortality as the theme for "Top of the Pops".

Since his last British chart appearance under his own name with "40 Years" in the summer of 1988, Hardcastle has continued his musical crusades in a less public way, but with more satisfactory results.

Paul is one of those few artists whose musical personality is so concrete and distinct that his music survives changes in trends while his early recordings sound as fresh today as they did when he recorded them.


From 1988 to 1990, Hardcastle experienced a good deal of success and won many awards as a remix producer on tracks by Barry White, D-Train, Hiroshima, Ian Dury, Phil Lynott (1985) and Luther Vandross' original band, Change, among others. He also composed some 10 other TV themes, including "Watchdog", Ben Elton's "Saturday Night Live", "Holiday", "The Late Late Breakfast Show" and the award winning "Supersense" TV programs.


Due to contractual reasons, Paul was unable to release music under the Hardcastle name. So, in October 1990, under the pseudonym The DEFF BOYZ, he released a 12" single entitled "Swing", which crashed in at #4 on Billboards 12" sales chart and was a massive hit all over Europe. Another project under the name LFO also saw massive sales. Even though he was making records that were resulting in millions of sales, Paul had still not found the true direction he had been looking for.


Early in 1991, Paul signed to Motown in the USA and released his first project called Kiss The Sky.

The track "Livin' For You", which featured UK Vocalist Jaki Graham, began to make an impact with the urban listeners and did Paul's credibility a great deal of good, but this was the time of Boyz II Men; and Kiss The Sky was not very high on Motown's importance list. Even with all these things happening, Paul started working on yet another project. It was one that he believed to be his true direction and he named this new project "The Jazzmasters".


With the release in Japan of Paul's "The Jazzmasters", he once again created a work of pure inspiration as he had done with "19" years earlier. With the help of vocalist Helen Rogers and a variety of saxophone and flute players, Paul introduced the world to a new hybrid of jazz and dance music. The response to his new sound was so overwhelming that American radio stations were playing Japanese imports and music buyers were scrambling to find a recording.

"The Jazzmasters" received the NARM Best Selling Jazz Recording award and is one of the best selling independent Jazz records of all time. It remained on Billboard's Contemporary Jazz chart for over a year! In fact, of Paul's six releases, five have produced #1 singles. The single "Walking To Freedom" from Jazzmasters II spent 15 weeks at #1 on R&R's NAC Tracks Chart, setting a new record for the chart.

The New Websites to Paul

Besides the first two Jazzmasters releases, Paul has also released three solo albums, Hardcastle I and Hardcastle II, together with a double album entitled "Cover To Cover". Although not a greatest hits package, this is a collection of rare and unreleased tracks, including a disc of songs written by other artists given the one-of-a-kind Hardcastle treatment. These five albums have sold over 1 million copies in the US alone and have now been re-released on Hardcastle Records.


Jazzmasters III is the first new release on the recently formed HARDCASTLE RECORDS. It contains the soulful, sophisticated, silky sound that has helped Paul Hardcastle sell over 10 million records worldwide (2002).


©1999-2002 Hardcastle Records :: All Rights Reserved.


Smooth Jazz Top 20 Countdown Paul's musical voyages still continue their varied course. The last two years have seen him working with the Spice Girls, writing all the incidental music for their first film, "Spice World".

During the current year he has been working with S Club 7, which has spawned a number one kids show program in England and a #1 UK Pop Chart hit.

Experience shows us that Paul is never content to rest on his laurels, but is always seeking to expand his musical horizons.


2008: Keyboardist Paul Hardcastle is one of the most prolific musicians in smooth jazz.

Paul scores movie soundtracks, television show themes and continues to release hit after hit song for smooth jazz radio.

Paul Hardcastle in seinem Studio / Paul Hardcastle in his studio (2009)Paul is the perfect evening companion to relax and unwind with every weekend evening from 7pm until Midnight.

Smooth Jazz Network. www.smoothjazztop20.com


Paul Hardcastle - Zero One (1985 / 2009) 2009: Paul is now leading the charge into the digital distribution age with his own label, Hardcastle Music and a digital only release schedule that kicked off with Zero One on September 28th. Following this, Paul’s entire back catalogue was launched for the first time outside of the US and is now available in all good digital music stores.

ZERO ONE is the first in a series of albums Paul plans to release in the coming year showcasing some of the best talents of the moment through collaborations.

25th anniversary
2010: 25 Years ago, I recorded the song 19, the idea came about whilst watching a documentary which highlighted the plight of young men and women who fought in Vietnam.

In World War 2 the average age of the combat soldier was 26, in Vietnam he was 19 these words really made me stop and think.

When I first approached Chrysalis Records with the Demo of 19 most people there didn't believe it would get any attention as there would be no interest from the media, and I quote the public dont want to hear a song about war.

Two people thought otherwise, the promotions guy Ken Grunbaum, and Simon Fuller who was working for the Company at the time. I gave the record company an ultimatum, either release 19 as my first record or I would not sign with them.

As luck would have it they agreed, and within three weeks 19 was at the top of the charts in 13 different countries and Simon became my Manager, he later went on to name his company after the song.

At the time it all seemed a long way from home as Vietnam was an American war, but now it seems history is repeating itself.

Its now the 25th anniversary since the release of 19, only this time the documentary I am watching is about the British soldiers who would be serving in Afghanistan. I hear the words I looked at my Men, The average age was 19, my god Im taking boys to war, It was unbelievable, almost the same words that gave me the original idea to record 19, this was all sounding too familiar.

I had it in my mind to do a remix for the 25th anniversary of the original track but after hearing that, I felt it would almost be an insult not to mention the British and others, who have lost their lives in recent years whilst doing their duty so I rewrote the song completely.

This time the song is written from the perspective of how I would see things if I was in the position of a young Soldier being sent off to war.

What's interesting is the fact that a few years earlier I was approached by the BBC to remake 19 to be included in their TV programme Power to the People which highlighted the fact that there were no British hospitals for soldiers returning from duty.

At the time I declined, but having listened to the Soldiers and even high ranking army officials from several TV documentaries, it appears that there are many who are unsure that the way we are going about things is the right way,

Some even believe this can easily become another Vietnam scenario which would be a catastrophe for all involved, I'm not here to preach or impose my opinion on anyone and like with the original record I leave you to make up your own minds.

I am no anti government crusader, but take a look at the video trailer , the similarities between Vietnam and Afghanistan are quite alarming to say the least.

Luckily for me, In America I Have been fortuneate to have sold more records over the last decade than when 19 was at it's peak so this is something that I don't need to do, But on the othere hand It's something I feel I Should do,

This is the last time I will ever revisit this song so I hope you like and understand what really are THE FINAL ever versions of "19".

Paul Hardcastle - Feb 2010
WIN ORIGINAL 19 DEMO! (January 2010)

Here is a chance to win the Demo I used to get my recording contract way back in 1985!

All you have to do is send an e-mail with the heading "19 demo", to [
info@paulhardcastle.com] And guaranteed you will not be sent a load of useless crap or spam, Just the demo if your picked and the odd bit of release info about me that's all,

please note some things I record in the future will be download only,

I will pick out 19 e-mail adresses at random for this prize

What's the reason, simple just a way of me saying thanks and giving the odd bit of memrobillia to the people who have supported me over the las 25 years,

note, this is the Origional Demo used to secure my recording contract 25 years ago, No it dosent sound like the finished track that you may be used to, but then again it wouldn't be special would it,

April 19th the day of release of the 25th anniversary version,

Good luck


create by Michael Stolle (www.paulhardcastle.de)
Paul Hardcastle - Zero One on MySpace.com


Biography Helen Rogers

Shopping on amazon.com (Pete Lyons ©Banners)

©2008-2010 Hardcastle Music :: All Rights Reserved.

Maxine Hardcastle - DJ & Singer
Funky House, Tribal House, Tech House & Electro
Maxine Hardcastle - 2010 / ©Maxine HardcastleMaxine Hardcastle is the latest fresh faced talent to hit the DJ scene but is no stranger to the music industry, with five house tracks signed to Hed Kandi, Ministry of Sound and a string of Major projects set to be released this year.

At 18 years old Maxine left training at the Italia Conti Acadamy of Arts to write her own musical material. Setting up a 'mini' studio in her bedroom, she took on the task of teaching herself a professional music program and was determined to become musically self sufficient and to be involved in each step of the production process.

Maxine's first track 'It's gunna happen"was immediately signed by record label Hed Kandi, appearing on the albums 'Summer Sampler' and 'Beach House'. Maxine's next creation was written and recorded over music supplied by Wez Clarke (which she has a credit playing the rhodes), entitled 'Another Chance', it proved popular amongst DJ's and dance Labels, again being snapped up by Hed kandi. The track was released on several albums including , 'A winters taste' , the newly born 'Kandi Lounge', the 'Beach House' album which features a Remix by Richard Earnshaw , 'Stereo Sushi' and 'Live Verbier'.

Maxine originally wrote 'Walking with a smile' in a soul/ funk genre but was soon picked up by Wez Clarke who remixed the catchy tune into the House track that now features on several albums. Maxine's latest track 'Bringing me back', was released on Beach house 2009 and several successful albums stateside.

Maxine has performed her tracks live in clubs and venues such as Pacha and the Royal Albert Hall across the country and over seas. Maxine's involvement in her latest dance project sparked a fascination with the the program 'Ableton live' as she entered the world of Digital DJing.

Composing her own remixes / bootlegs she played her favourite house tracks to receptive audiences and watched the interest grow from clubs and promoters. Maxine was drawn deeper into the life of a DJ, she now spins on CDJ's using Digital DJ's for more complex shows.

She maybe new blood to the DJ scene but nothing is stopping her as already she is gearing up to play in Ibiza over the summer with several huge festivals to look forward to.

Maxine is passionate about House music, enjoying playing commercial, funky house to the masses or Tech, tribal and electro underground.

There are great things on the 2010 Horizon for Miss. Hardcastle.

The Royal Albert Hall, Pacha, Hed Kandi, 'Kandi Lounge' @ Pacha, Egg, Dreamers Marbella, Opium Lounge, Wired, Be-Somebody, Storm, Club Warehouse , Barlicious, IF Club and restaurant, The Kings Oak Hotel, MF Boudoir, Dirtbox, R.S Lounge, Storm, Femme Fatale, Private parties ...

Credits include - The Spice Girls Movie, Co -writing and singing on 'Hardcastle 4' NO.1 in the American Smooth Jazz Billboard Chart.

Albums featured on Hed Kandi Beach House 2007, 2008, 2009, Hedkandi Lounge 2008, Live verbier 2008, Stereo Sushi 12, A taste of Winter 2008, Summer Sampler

(c) Maxine Hardcastle

2013: DJ, Singer and Songwriter Maxine Hardcastle is not restrained by genre. Having written, sang and remixed for dance labels including HED KANDI, MINISTRY OF SOUND, PACHA RECORDINGS, CNR and DISCOPOLIS, She has also released chill out and smooth jazz records on TRIPPIN' N RYHYTHM and HARDCASTLE MUSIC hitting the NO.1 spot on the AMERICAN BILLBOARD chart.

Her DJing career is Just as diverse. Resident to the exclusive 'Light Bar' and Z'ander Bar'she has entertained at a host of celebrity hang outs and high profile corporate functions whilst keeping her roots to her love of underground house music, hosting her show on Passion FM and regularly playing in London and clubs internationally.

An impressive list of venues and club nights can include: The Royal Albert Hall, The relaunch of Carlsberg (Malaysia), Hed Kandi (London/Spain), KM5 (Ibiza), Ocean Club (Ibiza), Wentworth Champion Golf Club, The British Polo Championships, Grand launch week of 'The Rose Club (resident DJ WILL.I.AM), The flagship Mac Store, Pacha (London/ Lithuania), The London Museum, Kureudo Island (Maldives), Dance Aid', Pink Poison (Lithuania), Mcqueens (Shorditch), Doll House (with Boy George) EGG, alongside Dirty vegas/ Layo and Bushwacker.

Hed Kandi Beach House taster 2013

CD: Hed Kandi Beach House taster - July 2013

Dance releases
Another Chance - Hed Kandi 'Maxine Hardcastle and Wez Clarke'

Bringing me Back - Hed Kandi, Discopolis 'Maxine Hardcastle and Wez Clarke'

Walking with a Smile - Hed Kandi , Ministry of Sound 'Maxine Hardcastle and Wez Clarke'

Parisian Rain - Pacha Recordings 'Nacho Marco Ft Maxine Hardcastle and Paul Hardcastle junior'

Like i'm 19 - CNR [Redline/ Moreland] Maxine Hardcastle

What's Going On EP - Rain Forest, What’s Going On, Into the Blue, Hot of the Press

Into The Blue - Pacha recordings

AC/DC / Chill Out
Speechless - Trippin' n Rhythm 'Darren Rahn ft Maxine Hardcastle'

Different Kind of Love - Trippin' n Rhythm 'Nate Harasim ft Maxine Hardcastle'

Transcontinental EP -Dreaming, Come and Discover, Looking for you -Hardcastle Music 'Ryan
Farish, Paul Hardcastle Ft Maxine Hardcastle

Latest news: www.DJMaxHardcastle.com


©2010/2013 Maxine Hardcastle :: All Rights Reserved.


For more Information on Paul Hardcastle you can visit his Website:
www.trippinrecords.com, www.paulhardcastle.com
NEWS HISTORY (1999-2002, 2005, 2007-2011)

- Well, another year nearly over and one which I will look back at with great fondness,

It started off in Feb (2011) with the release of the album "Desire" which achieved great sales and support, then out of the blue in May, the song"19" Went back into the British National Charts and made top10 on the Itunes chart , we donated the profits from this to a Children's charity,

Around the same time I got the great news that I had been given permission from Universal/Motown that I could use the Vocal of Marvin Gaye on My Album Hardcastle 6, I had been waiting for their decision for almost a Year!!!

I must say that recording the track "Rainforest/What's going on" was one of the best times I have ever had in the studio ever, Many of you have said maybe it's the best record I have ever done! well I would't disagree!

A month later The Album Hardcastle 6 Made it to the top on Billboards contemporary Chart. and nominated for Best Album of 2011 by BET, We then released the 2nd single "Easy come Easy go" which went to number 1 on all 5 SJ charts and remained there for 9 Weeks,

I did an album collaboration with Chill artist Ryan Farish called "Transcontinental" released via Digital worldwide.

The I phone App featuring 19 was released in october and was the best selling track for the App.

Another amazing moment, I was contacted by Pacha and duly signed a record deal With them,the album is out next year.

So exactly 30 years to the month after my first ever solo record "AM" went to the top of the UK Club Chart It's come full circle now.

for a complete chart rundown of the last 30 years
click here

On a final note,

Yes all of the above is Fantastic and I'm proud of what's been achieved over the years "BUT" none of this would have been possible without the great support and loyalty of You the fans... So Once again thanks so much for making it all possible.

(Paul write this December 2011)

- February 22.: Starting the PR campaign today! Hopefully you'll be hearing a lot more about the imminent release of '19' very soon!

- April 19th the day of release of the 25th anniversary version :: more

- Paul nominated for "Best international Musician", and also "Best Group The Jazzmasters".

- July 20th: CD "JAZZMASTERS 6" released
- July 22th: CD "JAZZMASTERS 6" Number #1 on the Amazon SJ Sales Chart

- July 29th: CD "JAZZMASTERS 6" Crashes into the BILLBOARD top 100 Contemporary jazz chart at number 3

- October: JAZZMASTERS 6 still at Number 1 after 12 weeks on the Amazon SJ Sales Chart, - Jazzmasters 6 number 1 on I tunes Smooth J chart. - The Single "Touch and Go" at 1 this week Billboard

Paul's First News-Letter ()


- As of Jan 2009 Paul is currently in the Studio finishing of some music for the new American idol series.

- The new CD "Hardcastle Collection" go in at #4 on Billboard's sales chart (June, 04 2009)

- September 2009: Smooth Jazz , Hip Hop, Dance, Electro
Well It seems I have two careers running side by side, there's the smooth mellow sound of Hardcastle and the Jazzmasters, then the more dance orientated edgy material,

I still write music for Film and TV, So the Hardcastle catalogue is now a bit more diverse , So just to reassure all my Smooth Jazz fans worldwide, this will not get in the way of The Jazzmasters or Hardcastle Albums, So please dont worry on that front

The New Zero One Album is Pure Dance Electro, I still enjoy making records for the B Boys and break-dancers, so it's not really for the Smooth Jazz purist,

But it may just grab you if you can still bust a few moves ha-ha

I Hope It's all clear now

Best Regards

Paul Hardcastle
- Single "The Circle" stays at number 2 on the "Smooth jazz top 20 countdown" for the 8th week in a row. (Oct., 11 2009)

- Paul Hardcastle – Behind the Scenes
Published November 18, 2009

As most of you know I was in the studio last week working on some really interesting stuff. A lot of what we worked on was filmed so I have decided to put together a behind the scenes video for everyone who follows the Chatterbox blogs, so you can watch me work my magic ha-ha!

I’m just editing the footage and then i’ll upload the first bit soon.

Paul Hardcastle


- The holidays are coming and so is Jazzmasters 6 – Paul Hardcastle
Published December 8, 2009

Well I’ve been a busy bee recently and the weeks seem to have flown by! Whilst I’m sure you’ll be amazed that the Christmas shopping is now done in the Hardcastle household, I’m sure you’ll be even more interested in the progress I’m making with Jazzmasters 6. It is sounding so smooth, and I may even post a few snippets online in the coming weeks, as a sneak preview. So watch this space as they won’t stay up for long!

The finishing touches are now in place for my next single, which will be out in the new year. I don’t want to say too much about it now, but I think you’ll all enjoy it.

After all this I think I deserve a break, so I’ll be jetting off to my favourite destination, the Maldives, for a nice little rest. I’m really looking forward to it, well except for the long flight ha-ha!

Click here for a Chatterbox festive treat.

Paul Hardcastle

- Paul Hardcastle Named #1 Smooth Jazz artist of the year 2008 by Billboard
- Label Trippin 'n' Rhythm was voted by Billboard #4 Smooth jazz label of the year 2008
- Paul Hardcastle Single 'Marimba' Hit #3 on US Billboards National R&R Chart

- Paul Hardcastle 'Lucky Star' Hits the #1 spot on Billboard's US National Chart For ''6 Weeks''

- "Jazzmasters V" went in at #1 on Billboard's National Sale's Chart
- September 2008 Hardcastle 5 Nomintated for a 51st Grammy award

- Paul Hardcastle joins Broadcast Architecture's Smooth Jazz Network as weekend night jock, beginning January 2007.


- "Jazzmasters IV" Single ''Free As The Wind'' Hits #1 on US National Chart

May 7, 2002

- "Hardcastle III" released (He has album sales of over 2 million units sold in the USA.)

March 2001

Paul is currently in the studio hard at work on Hardcastle 3 to be released at the end of this year. Paul's other love is Football "Soccer" and last month he played in a tournament which was for a childrens' charity which he and his team won. "It was a fantastic day for a great cause," said Paul as he held the trophy high. A big thanks to "Cup Promotions" for making it all happen.

In other news, Jazzmasters Greatest Hits remains in Billboard's top ten contemporary jazz album chart since its release last October 24, 2000.

December 2000

"The greatest hits album" goes in at #4, in Billboard's album chart. Also, Jazzmasters III re-enters Billboard's album chart at #37 after being released 19 months ago!!

November 2000

"The greatest hits album" is now available in the UK, Catalog number is: NNCD1006. And all Catalog Albums shall be available by February 2001, Europe to follow shortly!

October 2000

On sale now! Paul Hardcastle & The Jazzmasters Greatest Hits, released 24th October 2000 which contains the new track "Shine".

September 2000

Since its release in June 1999, Jazzmasters III is still holding strong in Billboard's top contmporary jazz chart at #16. Also, Paul Hardcastle has been voted Billboard's best British contemporary jazz artist of 1999. Paul would like to thank everyone who has supported him over the years.

August 2000

NEW! The Hardcastle Online Forum is now up! Finally, a way for all to post and find answers and other Hardcastle-related information. Let us know what you think!

March 2000

Jazzmasters III Reaches #1 In Billboard!
-- Top Contemporary Jazz Album --

Paul & Helen have done it again! Also don't forget that "Hardcastle III" is soon to come; so stay tuned to this site for the latest information on that.

February 2000

NEW ALBUM IN THE WORKS! "Hardcastle III" is soon to come, stay tuned to this site for the latest information and don't forget to sign the guestbook so that you'll be among the first to know!

January 2000

HAPPY NEW MILLENNIUM!!! The video "19" has been voted #29 on MTV's Top 100 Videos Of The 1980's. Many of you have been asking about the possibility of a tour and there is not yet any information available; please stay tuned to this page and don't forget to sign the guestbook so that you'll be among the first to know... Thanks to all for your very supportive inquiries!

December 1999

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! "Lost In Space" from Jazzmasters III reaches #8 in Billboard, and it remains at #8 in Billboard for the 15th week.

November 1999

Paul Hardcastle wins the ASCAP Creative Award! This award is in recognition for the outstanding work he did for the Spice Girls movie soundtrack "Spice World".

A celebration of the meteoric success of one of pop's hottest bands set against ultrahip '90s London, SPICE WORLD is a bold and boisterous adventure that mirrors the inimitable style-sexy, hip, stylish, and kitschy all rolled into one-of the Spice Girls. Bursting with funky music, far-out fashion and a lot of fun, SPICE WORLD is a jambalaya for the senses-a '90s version of A Hard Day's Night with a pinch of This Is Spinal Tap and a dash of Speed, all flavored with the Girls' unique and piquant Spice. But be warned-this Spice is HOT! (©SONY)

October 1999

The single "Nightcrawler" from the Jazzmasters III album will be released to radio stations on October 25.

About Hardcastle Records

Established 1999

It's been a long, hard road to success. With the help of his manager, Les Cutmore, Paul Hardcastle has formed his own label and appointed Les as President. Together, they are finally in control of everything pertaining to Paul's music and how it is marketed and distributed. With the release of Jazzmasters III, Hardcastle Records has released the complete Hardcastle catalog; with distribution by BMG and marketing by Trippin n' Rhythm in Chicago and V2 Records (Richard Branson) in New York.

Hardcastle Records is currently seeking new talent. If you would like to alert us of your interest in being heard, please send an Email to: demos@hardcastlerecords.com, or send your demo tape or CD (we cannot return demos) to:

Hardcastle Records
PO Box 134
South Ockendon
Essex RM15 5GH

Label Trippin 'N' Rhythm Records

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PAUL's BIOGRAPHY by Paul Sexton


From CD: Paul Hardcastle - "The Definitive", 1993, Katalog-Nr. VSOP CD 186


'19' Story (German)





First Fan Club of Paul Hardcastle - world wide (MySpace.com)



What equipment do you use?

I use a Synclavier digital music system to record, it's quite old now but is still the best way of recording in my view. It was the first system to use hard disks to record live vocals sax, ect. I use Roland, Korg, and Yamaha modules, I generally get new bits of gear when it comes out. So it's easier to ask what I don't have. For guitars, I use A Fender Strat, Taylor acoustic, Godin, Peavey, and Alembic bass. For percussion, it varies, I sometimes overdub a live snare and a Yamaha hi-hat. This is just a part of what goes on.

I can't find your out of print material. What gives?

I guess the Net is the only place to get some of the older stuff as I don't own the old masters, but I am including "Maxine" on Hardcastle III as many people have asked for it.

When will you go on tour?
I think it will be quite a while before I can contemplate touring as it's more important to me to be able to release the music to everyone.

When will you respond to my demo?

There have been quite a few demos sent in over the past year; some have been good, some not so good. So far there has been nothing that would fit into the format that we are in - and that means we would not be able to market the product well as we have only just started learning how to market product in the "smooth jazz" format. So for the short term at least, we are not asking for anymore product until we have established the label properly.

What is the difference between Hardcastle and Jazzmasters releases?

The main difference between Hardcastle and Jazzmasters is mainly that the Hardcastle albums tend to have a more Urban feel - I tend to experiment a bit more on the Hardcastle albums.

What's new with Helen?
Helen has started her own vocal teaching class which she enjoys very much - this helps keep her voice in check between projects :)

—Paul (2002)

"I love the music and magic of Paul Hardcastle and the Jazzmasters. This music fits into my life and dreams."

Tina T., Colorado

"The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work."

—Emile Zola


Founded: Oct 28, 1999

91 Members (May 2009)


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"Sound Syndicate" (1990)


"Jazzmasters 1" (1993)


"Hardcastle 1" (1994 JVC)


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"Look to the Future" (2006 Re-Release)


Best of Paul Hardcastle (1996)


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The Collecition (CD 2009)



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Paul's little BIOGRAPHY .

born December 10 1957, London, England. Paul is a
Producer, Composer, Musician, Radio presenter, Writter, Engineer, Multi-Instrumentalist and keyboard wizard specialising in dance orientated product.

He first worked in a hi-fi shop and developed an interest in electronics in his teens. His first group was First Light, alongside Derek Green, whose output included a deplorable 'Horse With No Name'. After four solo minor hits in 1984, '19', a record about the Vietnam conflict utilising spoken news reports, went straight to number 1 in the UK in 1985. The follow up, 'Just For The Money', was based on the Great Train Robbery and boasted the voices of Bob Hoskins and Sir Laurence Olivier. Further singles were progressively less successful before he scored with 'Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag' under the pseudonym Silent Underdog.

He also wrote the Top Of The Pops theme, 'The Wizard', in 1986, before switching to production for young funk band LW5, providing remixes for anyone from Third World to Ian Dury. Another production credit was the last ever Phil Lynott single, coincidentally called 'Nineteen'. Other engagements came with Carol Kenyon (previously vocalist on Heaven 17's 'Temptation') most notably on her 1986 Top 10 hit 'Don't Waste My Time'.

Recently Hardcastle has 'retired' to his Essex home studio and releases records under pseudonyms such as the Def Boys, Beeps International, Jazzmasters and Kiss The Sky (the last of which is Hardcastle and Jaki Graham). He is also founder of his own label, Fast Forward, and has recently written the theme music to two BBC nature series, Supersense and its sequel, Lifesense.

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